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I have long integrated filmmaking into my ethnographic work. I am very interested in collaborative, experimental, and observational forms of film-making. Please get in touch if you'd like to work on a project together.

2017 – The Earth Beneath Our Feet – Documentary (40 minutes). This is a documentary produced during my fellowship with Filmmakers without Borders, in collaboration with students at the Asian University for Women. The film explores memories of home by 5 students from different countries including Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tibet and Bangladesh. It includes songs, poetry, photography and art of significance to each individual.








2016 – Soul Singer – Ethnographic

Documentary (43 minutes), screened at the Dhaka International Short Film Festival. This film follows Bimol Baul, a Baul singer from Bangladesh, as he visits Dhaka. It explores some ideas within Baul practice and philosophy and presents a series of Baul songs.










2007. Living Chinese Philosophy. Screened at the Hawaii International Film Festival and Asia Pacific Conference. In this educational documentary, Professor Roger Ames explores the fundamental values of Confucianism and Daoism and argues that they are still embodied in practice in contemporary China. A full-length copy is available through Insight Media, NYC.




2005. A Vital Force: Women and development in Tibet and Yunnan. Available in University of Otago Library.


2005. A Guide to Beekeeping in the Tropics – Educational video filmed and distributed in Fiji, funded by NZ Aid.


2003. Releasing the dragon: small businesses in China’s market economy. Available in University of Otago Library.

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