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Courses taught at undergraduate level

Introductory Anthropology

- Introduction to Culture and Society

- Introduction to Social Sciences (Anthropology and Sociology)

- Introduction to the Anthropology of Religion  

- Cultural Anthropology and Contemporary Issues: An Applied Perspective ​

- Globalization and the Environment 

Research Methods

- Writing Ethnography: Ethics and Methods

- Blurred Genres: Experimental Approaches to Ethnography

Critical Thinking and Ethics

- Critical Thinking

- Ethics and the Human Experience

Psychological Anthropology

- Self and the World: Perspectives from Psychological Anthropology

- Anthropology of Mental Health: Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Visual Anthropology (media and cinema)

- World Cinemas

- Digital Filmmaking and Media Literacy

- National Cinemas in Asia: Cultures and Identities



- Anthropology of Bedouin Society

- Anthropology of Europe

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